On the right of a Sister to thumb-start a relationship with a Brother that she’s interested in with good motive of getting and staying married to him as their culture and the scripture defines.

Note that I mentioned Culture first before Scripture.
I know what I’m saying.

Some of you have suddenly become Jews because you are following Christ when Jesus himself did not practice Judaism.

O ma ṣe o.

Anyways, that’s not the bone of contention.
My major concern is for our Christian Brothers to grow up and stop being ignorant!

A lady that comes for a relationship is different from a flirt that is loose.
Don’t get things twisted.

She might find it difficult to pull through due to the social stigma attached to it, but it is your duty to make it easy for her if genuinely interested in her by understanding that when she calls you to ask for the topic of the sermon which you were both present, she is saying “boy, convert your heart to beat as mine”.

When your spirit bears witness with other spirits that you sing off key but she says “oh I love the way you switch to minors”, know that feeling fly is not your portion.
Be humble and give attention to the one who see beyond your present misery.
That is your one and might the only fan.

They don’t have time to reply messages these days.
Ask them. Their DMs are like INEC Database.
But the fact that your message gets read lásán.
Àbí she took time to say “I’m just checking on you” pẹrẹn.
Oga, don’t be a fool to start thinking you are indispensable.
Reciprocate like a normal human being and respect her courage.

Some of you brothers were not raised as Kings, so when a lady becomes nice on your case, ready to fight the ushers to get you a good seat, your head will be turning on hin own, and the next is to tag her “agent of darkness” that is after your destiny.

Destiny that is not useful for you.

If it were useful, you won’t be in the church on Sunday for 4hrs listening to one man who ransack you after few hours with Google Search Engine on the right topic to captivate your emotion.

It is that weekend that she paid for your Youth and Singles Hangout registration fee that you’ll know that you are not an outgoing person.
Ṣe you will go and spend time in prison since you are the Spirit of all Introverts of the world.
Brother John-Dull.

Na Rebecca dey find out how far about Isaac ó.
Go read am for Genesis24:63-65

“And Isaac went out to MEDITATE in the field toward evening. And he LIFTED up his eyes and saw, and behold, there were camels coming. And Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac, she DISMOUNTED from the camel. and said to the servant, “WHO IS THAT MAN , walking in the field to meet us?” The servant said, “It is my master.” So she took HER VEIL and COVERED HERSELF .”

I’m definitely going to do a teaching on this someday, but pending that time, ponder on the words in capital letters.

Don’t use your low self esteem to berate our Sisters who attempt the unimaginable because they don’t walk in fear but boldness and sound mind through love.

You must however know that, if you pretend to be interested to waste her time, you are at the danger of hell because that would be deceit.

And if you go around to call her names because she’s phenomenal, you are at the danger of judgment because that would be gossiping.

Also sisters, don’t be like one of my experience who opened a Facebook Page to blackmail me because it didn’t work out.
Reject every appearance of DESPERATION.
It will only bring FRUSTRATION.
Don’t make a man your last resort to happiness.
Neither you make marriage your benchmark for success.
You have been made for more than these.
Since men have been taking NO for an answer, the world did not end.
Be strong if it didn’t go as planned but don’t give up.
Be a woman but man-up.

Is tomorrow still February 14th?

Collect Grace take do Falaintain

Greatman Ayilara Oluwaseunfunmi

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