I learnt something from OYEDEPO – RADICALISM (not BOLDNESS)
I learnt another from ADEBOYE – SUBTLETY (not HUMILITY)
From OYAHKILOME , I learnt – ORATORY (not WISDOM).
I learnt SHOWMANSHIP from Joshua (not CHARITY).

But from Christ I learnt – SELFLESSNESS AND LOVE.

My reason for pledging my allegiance only to him who is the completeness of all virtues without sentiment or limitations.

Wisdom is made complete out of a multitude of counsels. In the absence of which, destruction is certain.

Now, if everyone reading this sees their leaders as humans prone to errors, the picture below will not be a strange practice to you.

Anyone that cannot be subjected to scrutiny, questioning, and “cross checking” is nothing but a Slave Master.

I have gone round your religious sects.
I call it sect because you are no different from groups of other secular cult whose idiosyncrasies is a practice of isolated culture.
I have seen that only your leader is right in your view and anyone with a contrary opinion to his is considered as an outcast.

Even if this leader of yours associate open heaven to earthly currencies, you gladly hail him and submit your money but look away from the hungry on your street.

When this leader ask you to embrace pornoria as licensed balancing of biological hormones, you claimed that it is God’s will for you to have lustful desires expressed in filthy way.

When they say it is God’s wisdom to berate yourself and degrade each other’s personalities, you are happy to unleash your emotions and untame your tongues.

When they taught you about taking yourselves to court for the offence they are guilty of, you kill yourselves and spare the real culprit.

But the instruction of the one who overcome the earth was simple enough – JUST LOVE.

However, to you, if it is not hard and stiff or gruesome, you don’t believe it is God.

You gather where there is evil and partake of the slanderous utterances that edify no soul.
You appreciate the new generation of centurions who help maim your prophets and tear them in pieces.
You spend Monday to Saturday hurting the image of God and expect a hug from the God who made those images after lifting your hands up on Sunday morning.
Your names are Peters but you have no mind of your own – nothing solid or rocky is in you.
Your ministry is Salvation but to save a poor boy from death on time is huge to do.
You wag your tails to men who through persistency and simple law of perseverance has made themselves a principalities and powers, rulers of darkness of your nations under the guise of TRUTH.
You couldn’t figure that having ₦1,000 poise you as a Christ to the one whose problem is ₦500.
You love the glittering shine of the Olive Oil than outright Outreach to those in need.
You build sitting capacities instead of human capacities.
You who hate yourselves and envy your successes thinks that Grace is working for you.

Have you not noticed that the engine fan still rolls few minutes after ignition is long off!

Come back to a place of transparency where each of you will say the truth without nepotism, where mentorship will not be under the auspices of mind control, and true freedom of expression will not be about personal vendetta.

Hear what your scripture says:

“But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.” – 2Tm2:19

To name the name of the Lord means to call yourself a Christian.

It’s easy to answer the name, but living up to it is the main task.

Heed my word you Nigerians!
You who thinks without thoughts.
You who reason without minds.
You who praise without gratitude.
You who follows without eyes.

Listen and you will save yourself from the pit ahead.

Let he that lifts men up and not Jesus do so no more.
Let the one who hold grudges release his prisoners.
Let the one who commit sexual immorality desist from foolishness.
Let those of you has become the enemies of themselves because of their Spiritual Leaders know that that is the rulership of Satan.
Let those who thinks God answers them because of their monetary disposition know that God is not a man that he should give judgement on credit.

I write to you from a sincere heart and I wish to share more with you when I meet you in person.
Of this type of epistle, I have written #4 in the past.
You can brace yourself up with them on my wall.

Till then, share my words among yourselves and let the brotherly love continues.

Remember the studio I told you about for the purpose of our online radio.gmnglobal.org?

It is ready.

Visit it any time of the day and fellowship with the brothers who gathers physically with themselves and reason on the things of the Spirit.

Open up your houses for one another to gather.
Promote unity and give keen attention to peaceful resolution of your differences.

Do this to the glory of God.

Grace be with you.

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