Like a terror that looms at night, my name is synonymous to a doom. Avoided as a plague, my contribution to the salvation of mankind was that I should sacrifice my life. The destiny I chose to fulfill was so truncate mine for yours to come alive. There has been many men in my small town that has attempted to be great but we all have one generational clause that rubbish our good intentions. It is not my fault that I am related to broods of vipers whose passion for greed was up to the high heavens. Hereditarily, I was infected by lack of satisfaction. My name is Judas – yeah Judas, the only one after my ancestors Pheneas and Hophni who could have made it to the throne of grace – but for curse on Grandpa Eli, I couldn’t make it.

Iscariot isn’t my surname but the name of the town I was born in. Being the only one who managed to keep the head floating above waters, my town’s men decided to make me their representative. They just want the world to know that it is not over for the descendants of Eli. But for the generational curse that I refused to pay attention to, even when I was made the Bank Manager by God, I still think of how to rob the vault. Even though all were under my custody, I still scheme on how to steal. I allowed the mistake of my ancestors put me back in the bondage of “curse by blood” despite that I have the blood that speaks better things at my disposal. I mean, I will even make a genuine excuse for doing the wrong thing, thinking that grace will justify me. I was not only in Christ, I was with Him, but the condemnation I brought upon myself, redemption could not pay it off.

I was once told about scheme of the fruit in the garden at the beginning. I learnt about the trick of the porridge that caught Pa Esau. I was well aware of the trap of immortality that killed Amnon. But I chose to fall into the curse of 30 pieces of silver that was foretold many years ahead. I knew what I was doing, so I blamed no one. I knew no one plays that role and have his sanity back but I chose to lose my mind.

Was Joseph not a man? Did he not remember God and ran from sex? Was David not a man? Did he not understand the place God’s anointing and refused to commit murder? Was Peter better than me? Did he not deny this same Christ and still clung to repentance? But for the curse by blood that I reactivated in my life, I left this world without a child, not only that, I did not even spend a thing out of my proceed of greed. I wanted it all, and I lost it all.

You may be wondering why your life isn’t moving at God’s progression. It is not because you have been singled out for destruction. Check the “curse by blood” you have reactivated by your actions. Those are the little things the covenant blood might not be speaking better things upon in your life except you let go of them. It is like you being against yourself, being your own enemy. Truth is, because of God’s love, He won’t intervene lest you die. Until you let them go, deliverance might not work for you. Let no one fill your place in life because of the gene of sin you have filled your heart with. Believe me, death by hanging isn’t a good death. Stop hanging to death the promises of God over your life just because of sins that beset.

May you find grace to overcome every recurring sin that puts one in family colony of curse today.

Judas of Iscariot
(The Taboo of all Mankind)

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