My name is Jephthah Gilead. My Dad, a chief in our clan loved me so dearly. As long as he lived, I never had a hint of my mother’s shameful profession – she was a prostitute. Each time I take a stroll with Dad, one thing he always tell me is “you are a leader of the people, never forget that!” Not sooner had he died that my past, of which I know nothing about hunted me out of the midst of those I call family. I was defenseless, Dad is gone, God seems far away. I became a leader indeed, but of hooligans and robbers – my destiny was tampered with, I was cornered by the forces of darkness, and the worst is I gave up dreaming about good life. I, Jephthah, a man made by God to lead the righteous became the head of vagabonds. But God, who was not through with me yet, brought up an equation in Israel, which requires only my solution – and I, an ex-convict, an illegitimate son of a whore, became the leader of the righteous. Though my lifespan was short, but God made the last 6years of my life a monumental one that deserves generational references. The death of my daughter didn’t stop His plans for me, because I refuse to allow it weigh me down, rather, it made it even more perfect. Within the space of these years, all that could go wrong went wrong, but I fought the fight, I finished my race, and I kept the faith.
Today, I encourage you, to never think that the corner you are is the destination of your journey. God has put something in you that will be sought after when the time comes and irrespective of your résumé, what God will do, He will do. You will still have those children. You will still own that company. You will still proclaim His majesty to multitudes. You will still be married. It don’t matter how many “you don’t” situation you are encountering right now, there are millions of “you will still…” in your future. I had it worst but came out best – you too can!

Yours in Faith,
General Jephthah Gilead (That Son-of-a-Whore)

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