To the likes of those who claim to have been baptised with the Holy Ghost in Christ Jesus, who speaks in tongues, and have relationship with God, then still go about looking for deliverance from the Evil Spirits – I want you to know that you are the best Cheat heaven have ever seen. You double date secretly and hope to breakup openly? You’re joking! Or maybe you simply are ignorant of the fact that “he whom the Son has set free is free indeed and that when He died, He died for all ONCE AND FOR ALL”.

The truth these deliverance ministers will never tell you is that “the absence of Faith and the presence of Fear wreck more havoc than all the demons devil has ever governed.”

When you begin, as a true child of God start walking in faith, the truth of your identity began to shed unwanted garbage out of your life and authority is restored to you.

True deliverance comes from identifying one thing:
Are you cheating on God or you are oblivious of the truth in His word?

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